Mashimaro Girl and Caracole Carousel Collab anoounced!

So last night was fun, despite being a bit sick to my stomach, well just nauseated, Mashimaro Girl confirmed a lot of details with our collaboration company, which I'm proud to announce is Caracole Carousel~! We will start finalizing the design for our first print soon, I will finish the dress design soon, and then the factory will make our sample piece. We should be able to debut fairly soon, by the beginning of summer we are estimating if everything continues going smoothly. We want to make sure our pieces are affordable, and fit US sizes: XS-XL. We are an American brand that should fit American sizes; it was one of our priorities. Exact measurements have not been confirmed yet. Our first design is very cute and very summery! It was drawn by Kim and I am sure Ashlee had some saying too, you see it her icon HERE. I am dumb and didn’t save the photo on a large scale, but It’s so cute! I am looking forward to getting this wrapped up so we can debut! Ashlee and Kim(?) will be flying to St. Louis for the finalization of the B.P. and to go over the sample piece, and we will be flying to Portland to shoot for the ad! I look forward to bringing you more updates on CaroMaro XD as Fei called it, but it was a joke.

Have a nice day~!

Anne of MG


ⓒ2009 Caracole Carousel, all rights reserved. Collaborative project with Mashimaro Girl!
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I planned to make it a lot neater, because i couldn't find the right images, I drew my own Warden and Jailbot -o-; and after I finished drawing and coloring them, I didn't have the strength to continue on...*sob* XD Im just tired, and didn't care cause its a LJ layout, no one will care at the idea I had so oh well :DDD I made a new friends only sign that matches *warden and jailbot* X3 Now Im gonna sleep.